Sewer 2.0 Pop-Up Diorama 1/12

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Beneath the city of Extreme-Sets lives the Sewer 2.0 Pop Up Diorama. This mysterious underground lair comes packed with two highly detailed tunnel panels that create a passageway to the darkest corridors beneath a city skyline. If that didn’t have your action figures running around in fear, then the two elevated platform included in this set will.

These platforms can be used to create any tunnel combination your toy photography takes you. Or use them as trail towards action figure story telling. Also included are four flooring panels that help shape the Sewer 2.0 Pop Up and bring it to life. Standing over 15 inches tall, this Pop Up takes the sewers to your home without the mess!


  • Made of cardboard
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • Move the panels around and recreate in seconds
  • Impressive scale tunnel
  • All 3D panels are double-sided


    •  Two (2) double-sided 12.5” wide x 15" tall x  8.5” deep tunnel panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
    •  Two (2) elevated platforms 12.5" wide x 3.5" deep x 4" tall (Right out of box easy assembly)
    •  Two (2) 19" wide x 12" long flooring panels
    •  Two (2) 19" wide x 9" long flooring panels


      • 1:12 - This product is to scale to all 6"-7” action figures.