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Recreate the past, create the future, all in your hands!

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Bring your Action Figures to Life!

Extreme-Sets has accomplished its goal to invent Pop-Up Dioramas and related products that are new to the marketplace, and have never been done before at an affordable price. Extreme-Sets has been featured as an outstanding β€œmust-have” for kids and collectors alike.

Travel deep into space!

Can you handle it?

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Let your imagination run wild!

Nothing is impossible!

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More than you can handle!

Are you ready to be the cities vigilante?

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What makes Extreme-Sets special?

The ability to free play as you wish! Move the panels around and recreate in seconds. Never shoot the same setup twice. You can always configure a new setup for endless possibilities and pleasure. You do not need to setup the entire Diorama for toy photography. You can use just a few panels at a time. Once you are done Pop-Ups breakdown for easy storage.

They always say you never know who is under you!

What will you find?

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Adventure awaits you!

Looking for treasure?

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Jump aboard the train!

One thing that's for sure, you will always find something in the Subway Terminal.

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Time to raise some hell!

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Missing the cartoon action? Bring back the memories!

Cowabunga Dude!

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