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About Us

It was once a dream, now a reality!

Founded in 2013, Extreme­-Sets is dedicated to bringing toy collectors a wide array of play-sets/dioramas.

Extreme­-Sets takes pride in offering our customers the chance to bring their action figure collections to life and make their dreams come true with realistic environments for their action figures and accessories. Since 2013, Extreme-Sets has been producing new products that are unmatched in today's toy industry. With their focus on creativity, innovation, and function, Extreme-Sets has established itself as a well-respected leader in the products industry. Through the expertise of their product development team, Extreme-Sets continues to offer a wide array of merchandise at major online retailers.

Extreme-Sets' goal is to invent dioramas and related products that are new to the marketplace, and have never been done before at an affordable price. Extreme-Sets has been featured and reviewed on multiple toy news websites, as an outstanding “must-have” for kids and collectors alike. Fans worldwide consider Extreme-Sets the number one retailer for play-sets/dioramas.

What makes Extreme-Sets so unique is the ability of free play and re-create in seconds. All Extreme-Sets products can be combined for a larger play-set/diorama.

When you shop at expect nothing but the BEST customer service. As many of you may already know we take great care of our customers worldwide!   

You can finally have the play-set/diorama of your dreams!