Oldschool Black Ring Mats

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Surround your wrestling ring with the most realistic Ring Mats!

Take the action of Sport Entertainment outside the ring and onto the Ring Mats by delivering high-flying moves off the top rope to the outside Ring Mats. For the first time, Extreme-Sets bring to you “highly detailed” Ring Mats. Complete your play-set by dropping the most realistic Ring Mats around your ring. A wrestling ring / play-set is not complete without the Ring Mats!


How long have you been waiting for some realistic Ring Mats to arrive? They have finally arrived! Ring Mats come in three versions, starting with the unforgettable, iconic, Classic Blue Ring Mats, “Oldschool” Black Ring Mats, and Modern Ring Mats. They work great for action figure photography and stop-motion animation. Take the most amazing photos or stop-motion animation videos. Take your social media by storm by posting your amazing photos and videos!


    • Four (4) connecting Ring Mats (Ring Mats are compatible with the most recent rings in the market)
    • Ring Mats dimensions in inches: 34” x 34” x 34”