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Wake up early in the Multiverse and travel below ground to the Animated Sewer 2.0 Pop-Up Diorama. The 14 –inch-tall Pop-Up Diorama is totally toon friendly for any toy photography. The two double-sided 3D wall panels feature sliding openings in which let you explore your Saturday morning cartoon love in a tubular fashion. The highly detailed diorama features an animated design that makes any toy feel like it's jumping off the screen into your photo array. The two additional wall panels create a diverse option in terms of scenery. The five columns help create a world with which your action figures can interact. Also packed in this animated concrete location is a TV for your action figures to enjoy screen time. You also get one room divider, and one rug to make the sewer feel more like home. The addition of one giant ground panel helps complete the diorama as a centerpiece of fun for display and action figure photography. The Sewer 2.0 Pop-Up Diorama is bodacious in appearance and gnarly in action! 



  • Made of cardboard
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • Endless possibility of recreating
  • A working ladder
  • Sliding opening entries


    •  Two (2) double-sided large opening door entries 14" tall x 16.5" wide x 3.5" deep (Right out of box easy assembly)
    •  Two (2) wall panels 14" tall x 16.5" wide
    •  Five (5) 14” tall columns
    •  One (1) 3d TV
    •  One (1) room divider
    •  One (1) rug
    •  One (1) 42" x 25" ground panel
        • 1:12 - This product is to scale to all 6"-7” action figures.


        The gateway to the next dimension awaits with the Compound Pop-Up Diorama. The 15.5-inch-tall intergalactic gateway is the one-stop doorway for all things toy photo-centric. Each of the five highly detailed wall panels provide an interaction for your action figures that is out of this world. The four 3D control stations provide visual cooperation that helps make your action figure photography stand out. In addition, the three flooring panels create a unique design to fill out the space that your collectibles live in. The Compound Pop-Up Diorama is the perfect location to cross-pollinate all your different action figures into a central destination. 


        • Seamless connecting panels
        • Highly animated look and feel
        • Ineradicable computer stations
        • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures


        •  Five (5) 20" wide x 15.5" tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
        •  Three (3) giant ground panels 19" x 19"
        •  Two (2) 3D mini computer stations
        •  One (1) 3D large computer station
        •  One (1) inserted computer station 5" deep


            • 1:12 - This product is to scale to all 6"-7” action figures.