Lobby Pop-Up Diorama 1/12

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Check yourself into the Multiverse of action figure photography with the Lobby Pop-Up Diorama. Extreme-Sets are proud to have your action figures sign into the fabulous lobby. It’s within this area that your toy photo journey begins. The Lobby Pop-Up features three wall panels that stand an incredible 14 inches tall. Each wall section can create a special moment for your action figure or collectible. In addition to the three wall panels, you get a 3D wall panel that can make the lobby are even bigger, or allow your figure to hide in cover. And speaking of hiding, you never know what is hiding behind the elevator doors.

That’s right folks, the elevator is back in the Multiverse, and this time it’s located in the main lobby area. Check out the two amazing 3D staircases that are packed into this set. Walking into the next Multiverse has never been easier. Rounding out the set is one 3D Cabinet, one 3D Counter, and one Ground panel.


  • Includes two easy to assemble 3D staircases
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • Seamless connecting panels, flooring
  • 3D Counter and Cabinet
  • 3D Elevator with opening doors
  • Opening doors


  •  Three (3) 20” wide x 14” tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
  •  One (1) 3D Elevator, interior and exterior (opening doors)
  •  Two (2) Staircases with connecting wide carpet on the back
  •  One (1) 3D 9" wide x 14" tall wall panel
  •  One (1) 3D 14" wide x 3.5" tall x 2" deep Counter
  •  One (1) 3D 8" wide x 8" tall Cabinet
  •  One (1) 31" x 19" Carpet


    • 1:12 - This product is to scale to all 6"-7” action figures.