J-806M Display Pack

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Display Pack is a must have for anyone who showcases their action figures. This is your chance to completely change the look and feel of your display unit by giving it life with these incredibly highly detailed Pop-Ups. This product does not only complete your display showcase, it can also be used for action figure photography, and animation.

In a universe that is not so long ago, the J-806 M Display Pack is the perfect way to display your action figures from a universe that isn’t too far away. Each of the four highly detailed display panels create a universe setting scene on any of your four slot display cabinets. Each panel has a unique design that includes a ground panel for your figures to encapsulate that world that the background is a part of. The J-806M Display Pack has two 3D opening doors that give your four slot display cabinet a whole new experience for your toy collection. This off world location display pack is the perfect set up for any figures from any universe. Each display is 15 inches wide and 14.5 feet tall.


  • Highly detailed
  • 3D Columns
  • Opening Doors


  • Four (4) Wall panels measure 15 inches W x 14.5 inches H (38.1cm W x 36.83cm H)
  • Floor panels measure 15 inches W x 11.5 inches L (38.1cm W x 29.21cm H)
  • Two (2) 3D Opening doors


  • Perfect for displaying 1/12 scale figures