Base of Operation Pop-Up Diorama 1/12

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Planning your next action figure toy photo just got a new location with the Base of Operations Pop-Up Diorama. This massive 15.5-inch-tall diorama is the perfect planning point for all your toy photography needs. The newly designed base features five highly detailed wall panels that are fun to shoot a photo of from any angle. Each of the three-3D control stations provide a new way for your action figures to interact and be photo-friendly with. Also included is a highly detailed wall interior that provides the perfect backdrop for planning out your next move of action. Let us not forget about the three flooring panels that help complete the diorama theme in a very tactical fashion. The Base of Operation Pop-Up Diorama is your go-to destination for planning your attack on your action figures' enemies. 



  • Seamless connecting panels
  • 3D Computer stations
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures


  •  Five (5) 20" wide x 15.5" tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
  •  Three (3) giant ground panels 19" x 19"
  •  Two (2) 3D mini computer stations
  •  One (1) 3D large computer station


      • 1:12 - This product is to scale to all 6"-14” action figures.